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Cast Iron Building - 1873
712-714 N 2nd Street

Jacques Clamorgan

This was the original site of a vertical log cabin built In 1784 by French fur trader, Jacques Clamorgan. His best-known slave concubine, Ester, managed his farms, slaves and household when he went exploring and established trading posts in Santa Fe. He freed her in 1793 so he could put land grants in her name, thereby keeping money from his creditors. After Ester made the properties profitable, Jacques took them back. She took him to court and won several parcels including this one at 712 N 2nd. You will learn more about this French adventurer at stop 13.

T. R. Pullis and Bro.

The current building was built in 1873 by T. R. Pullis & Brothers an iron foundry. It features one of the most attractive examples of cast iron facades in St. Louis.

Thomas R. Pullis, first in partnership with his brothers and later with his sons, headed one of the earliest and most important architectural iron works in St. Louis. After 1856 the name changed to Mississippi Iron Works and continued to produce architectural iron work for three more decades. Many of the building cast iron facades in Leclede's Landing were built by T. R. Pullis and Brothers foundry.