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The Cherrick Bldg - 1890
800-804 N 1st. Street

Built in 1890, the Cherrick Building is a three- story, Federal-style, brick, commercial structure. It is of six-bay proportion and displays a modest cornice on the front facade. Fenestration is rectangular; the commercial front has been quite modified in later years to accommodate larger window and doorway openings.

For over a century, this building was home to Cherrick Distribution Company, a salvage grocery warehouse. The company was founded by Samuel Z. Cherrick and his brother Ephraim "Fred" Cherrick.

Before Cherrick Distribution, the building once housed Smith, Beggs & Ranken Machine Company, builders of Slide Valve and Piston Valve Engines, Steam and Hydraulic Elevators and General Machinery. Their manufacturing warehouse was located further north of the Landing at 2201 N 1st Street. They were also the go-to company for the St. Louis Fire Department, who depended on the company's skills to repair their steam engines during the 1870's.