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Old Judge Coffee Building - 1844
710 N 2nd Street

Scharff, Bernnheimer Company

At 710 N Second Street is a five story brick structure with a richly ornamented cast iron ground floor originally built for the salesroom, offices and warehouse of Scharff, Bernnheimer Company for $30,000. When the building was built in 1844, it included ornate cast iron pitched roof line not seen today. Mr. Bernheimer formed the partnership with his brother-in-law, Nicholas Scharff and became one of the largest shipping firms on the Mississppi River.

Marcus Bernnheimer

In 1890 Mr. Bernheimer formed the Meramec Highlands Co. and developed one of the first summer getaways for wealthy Midwesterners on the bluffs overlooking the Meramac River two miles west of Kirkwood, Missouri. In its heyday, the resort featured a grand hotel, general store, and stone and frame guest cottages.

David G. Evans & Company

In 1918 the building was purchased by David G. Evans & Co. a coffee company producing Old Judge Coffee and spices. At peak levels, the company produced over 3 million pounds of coffee per month. On warm summer days, the smell of cinnamon can still be detected from wood supports on the 3rd floor.

The history of coffee runs deep with St. Louis. In the late 1800ís this city was the largest coffee capital of the world with pioneer coffee firms like; David G. Evans & Co.; James H. Forbes; Wm. Schotten & Co.; Fred W. Meyer; H. & J. Menown; Cavanaugh, Rearick & Co.; and Frederick A. Churchill & Company By 1920 there were over 86 coffee roasters locally. The green beans were brought by steamboat from New Orleans, roasted here and then carried westward by Conestoga wagons, stagecoach, train and steamboats. St. Louis kept the western half of the country moving with coffee!

Old Judge Coffee & STL Cardinals

In 1935 the David G. Evans Coffee Co. and the St. Louis Cardinals teamed up to create one of the most attractive advertising displays of the era. This spectacular wall display/calendar commemorates the "Gas House Gang's" 1934 World Championship while also promoting the company's line of Old Judge Coffee.