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Feather Building - 1882
802 N. 2nd Street

This building was given its name because at one time feather mattresses were manufactured here. It was also the home to a progressive petroleum manufacturer. During the Nation's westward expansion, J.D. Streett & Co. manufactured and supplied wagon wheel grease in this building, and later produced petroleum products for iron ore mines, mills and railroads. The company also produced "Streett's Ideal Motor Oil" for the Tin Lizzie with a guarantee to stop any chattering that was inherent to the Model T. Today, the company continues to be an industry leader providing high quality petroleum products.

The building is a classic example of the "stars-and-bars" construction method, which features cast-iron bars running the length and width of the structure, capped and bolted on the building's exterior. This process keeps the brick walls from bulging or moving away from the building.