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Greeley Bldg - 1881
618-624 N 2nd Street

This building was built by Carlos S. Greeley as his grocery office and warehouse for $40,000. It is a five story building, with arched window openings and a facade divided into a rhythm of three-two-three bays. In 1980, the building's cast iron facade was re-exposed and refurbished.

When Mr. Greeley started his wholesale grocery business, he did not include any stock of liquor. Word traveled up and down the levee about this experiment and bets were taken as to its success. Over the years, this "dry Grocery", later known as Greeley-Burnham Grocery Company became one of the most widely known wholesale grocery houses in the United States. While building up a great merchandising establishment, he was actively identified with many other enterprises; the Kansas Pacific Railroad, Boatman's Bank, the St. Louis Cotton Factory, Lindenwood Seminary and Washington University.