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Raeder Place Building - 1873
719-727 N 1st Street

The Original Site for Missouri Hotel

This was the original site for the Missouri Hotel which was considered the finest hotel in the west. Built by Thomas Brady, an Irishman who had arrived from Pennsylvania. The hotel opened in 1820 and was the site at which the First State Legislature which met on the 18th of September that year.

After the death of Brady in 1821, the hotel passed into the hands of Major Thomas Biddle who built an addition to expand its accommodations and procured a professional hotel-keeper from the east. Upon its sign was said to have been painted a buffalo, and the hotel became the meeting place where expeditions, banquets and balls were held, holiday festivities were celebrated and duels were planned.

Bloody Island

Speaking of duels, back then, gentleman could settle their differences by dueling in a neutral zone on a sandbar known as Bloody Island, in the middle of the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, one such duel took the life of the hotel owner, Major Thomas Biddle. Since that time, Robert E. Lee of the U.S.A. Engineers built a dike system on the river which changed the flow and joined Bloody Island to Illinois and eliminated its neutral status.

1873 Christian Peper Tobacco Company

In 1873 the Missouri Hotel gave way to a new business structure for Christian Peper Tobacco Company. This was the first of a three building to be built by Christian Peper that would eventually extend the full length of the 700 block of N 2nd. The building is unique in its use of simple Victorian cast iron design to produce large amounts of window space and light in the building. Standing in front of the building on 1st Street, you can peer into the window and see the original old safes used by Christian Peper.

The Raeder Place

As renovation of the landing began this building was renamed to honor the tile architect, Frank Raeder.