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Witte Hardware Bldg - 1902
707 N 2nd

Founded in 1849, The Witte Hardware Company had a Laclede's Landing address as early as 1863 at 706 N 3rd Street. In 1902, President and Secretary Otto H. Witte moved the company to 707 N 2nd Street where it continued doing business for the following 73 years. The company conducted an exclusive wholesale hardware business and was equipped with all the latest features, including electric elevators and a floor devoted to showroom samples.

The "Witte IXL Square" trade-mark was placed on only high quality hardware and was an indicator to retailers and consumers alike, a tool which bears this trade-mark is backed with a guarantee of satisfaction. You can still see remains of the large trademark painted on the south side of the building.

The Witte Building is a six-story building of brick construction laid with cement and is said to be the strongest building of its kind in St. Louis. Being built expressly for the business of the Witte Company, it is equipped with all the latest improvements to facilitate the handling of hardware in the proper manner, thus assuring to their customers quick shipments.